Sunday, March 1, 2009

Explosions in the Sky

One band that I am particularly excited about seeing at South by Southwest will not have to travel far to perform. The Austin, TX quartet Explosions in the Sky has been making outstanding instrumental rock music for almost ten years now and have seen relative success within their musical niche, but the cinematic blend of guitars and percussion certainly deserves more attention than it gets. Although, instrumental rock tends to lag behind mainstream music, Explosions in the Sky feels progressive and emotional despite the lack of words. Build-ups and let-downs blare through their songs which can last upwards of fifteen minutes. I have always been a big fan of instrumental rock bands like The Album Leaf or Questions in Dialect that speak through music rather than words, but Explosions in the Sky has found a way to stay locked in on my IPOD playlists. Their album titles like The Earth is not a Cold, Dead Place or All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone can perhaps put you in the mental context through which the music was written, but you may miss something beneath the layers of guitar and drum-beats if your mind stays locked on one idea. Check out their songs on the playlist. No hard thinking or serious paying attention needed. The music will take you, all you have to do is follow.

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