Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sufjan's Dark Was the Night Track

Adam already posted the track listing for the Dark Was the Night CD due out February 17 in North America. One of the names that I was most intrigued to see on the list was Sufjan Stevens whose hiatus has left me wondering how he will ever complete his 50 states catalog. Sufjan performs "You are the Blood" by the Castanets, which is a gothic tale about blood flowing through fingers etc. Sufjan puts an electro backing to the song, but lots of big sounds, seemingly meaningless piano notes and electric beats keeps the song in a gothic style. The Sufjan melody is definitely missing. This is not the Sufjan that you are used to listening to, but it is an interesting deviation none the less. We also have access to two other tracks off of the album courtesy of Red Hot Compilations.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Passion Pit remixes Ra Ra Riot's "Ghost Under Rock"

Two of the bands that are making a new splash on the music scene have teamed up to make a pretty cool remix. Passion Pit, who this blog has predicted to be a breakout in 2009, gave a very electro touch to moderately established Ra Ra Riot's song "Ghost Under Rock." Thanks to stereogum for the Mp3.

Ra Ra Riot - "Ghost Under Rock (Passion Pit remix)

Coachella 2009|Indio, California

Also, Modest Mouse tickets for Friday March 6th at the Lyric in Oxford, MS sold out in less than 12 hours yesterday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bodies of Water

This is a band that I have been meaning "to blog about" for a while. Bodies of Water consists of two men and two women from L.A. and their latest album, A Certain Feeling, was released last summer. They remind me a lot of Arcade Fire with the full band singing and mixing male and female voices. These guys are great and you should check them out. I've added their songs "Under the Pines" and "It Is Familiar" to the playlist.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arcade Fire Welcomes President Obama

Arcade Fire welcomed Barack Obama into office with a very familiar American tune. Enjoy!

The Lyric Theatre Oxford, MS

After weeks of speculation and rumors from bartenders that I know, it's been confirmed that Modest Mouse will be at the Lyric Theatre on March 6th, 2009 in Oxford, MS. Other notable acts scheduled to perform:

Jan. 31st - Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele CD Release Party w/ John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death
Feb. 9th - Citizen Cope
Feb. 12th - North Mississippi Allstars
Feb. 13th - Girl Talk
Feb. 14th - Old Crow Medicine Show w/ The Felice Brothers
Mar. 5th - Lord T and Eloise
Mar. 23rd - Andrew Bird w/ Heartless Bastards

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heartless Bastards

Heartless Bastards are a 3 piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio. It amazes me the kind of talent that Fat Possum keeps finding and signing. They were discovered and signed after they passed their demo on to Dan and Patrick from the Black Keys in 2004, whom they happen to be opening for on a couple of dates this coming Spring. After those dates they'll also be opening for another Fat Possum recording artist, Andrew Bird, for a few dates. They have an album coming out on Feb. 3rd entitled, The Mountain. Catch these guys and gal close by at:

Jan. 30th - Young Avenue Deli - Memphis, TN
Feb. 12th - Bottletree - Birmingham, AL
Feb. 13th - Government Street Grocery Club - Ocean Springs, MS

Here's the link for one of the songs off the upcoming album:

Heartless Bastards - "Sway"

1.27 Releases

Bruce Springsteen: Working On a Dream

This man needs no introduction. This is the Boss's I-don't-know-whatth album. I haven't listened to it, but if you like the Boss, you should check it out. You might score some intelligent and reliable political analysis as well.

Franz Ferdinand: Tonight, Franz Ferdinand

This the Scottish rock band's third album since "Take Me Out" invaded the radio. Whether that was a good or bad thing for you, I don't know. If you're looking for a sample, check out their first single from this album, "Ulysses."

Of Montreal: An Eluardian Instance EP

I don't understand the whole EP thing, but we've got another one here. This is coming off of their successful full-length album, Skeletal Lamping, that was released last year. The title track, "An Eluardian Instance," is pretty catchy, and it's been added to the playlist.

Full Streams at Spinner

Aol's spinner has a lot to offer this week. Included for full stream are:
  • The Boss' new record Working on a Dream
  • A remix of Of Montreal songs by John Brion
  • Nigerian singer Asa whose self titled debut has a definite reggae/soul feel. It's easy listening. I like it.
  • Cotton Jones album Paranoid Cocoon which has a gritty southern feel and White Stripes type vocal arrangements. Lots of whistling too.
  • Loney, Dear album Dear John which I actually really enjoyed despite having not listened to this Swedish group very much.
  • Black Gold album Rush which has a bigger melodic feel. Kinda like a touch of Coldplay
Enjoy listening. It's all free.

Ronald Jenkees

I just found out about this guy named Ronald Jenkees today on Youtube when I should have been paying attention in class. I don't really know this guys story, he says he is a tech guy who just loves music, but he has dropped some pretty cool beats on his yamaha keyboard. His videos got enough press to where you can buy his music on Itunes now, and he has been granted access to actual studio equipment in order to perfect his sound. His blog is hilarious, and the way he plays the piano is entertaining enough. Check out one of his newer joints "Throwing Fire" below and hit up youtube for some of his other stuff. You may hear it backing someone famous one day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


These guys are a New York band that have been around since 1999. They first began to break out in 2002 when they toured with the Strokes.  After recording one indie album and two albums with RCA, the band left the label in 2005 when RCA merged with BMG and went on a brief hiatus. After taking some time off and touring with Albert Hammond Jr., the lead singer got the group back together in 2007. They released their fourth album, Secrets Are Sinister, in November of last year. I hadn't heard of them before this album, but I like what I've heard so far. A new song from their new album has been added to the playlist: "Sirens In the Deep Sea"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Surrealism in Music

In my slow moving excursion through the top 50 albums of 2008, I came across something that left me wide-eyed, slightly aghast, undecided, and ultimately I continued to listen. What do you do when you attempt to pour your demons out of a sock but out comes a gold watch? I can't say that I know exactly what to do, nor can I say that I am star struck with WHY's album Alopecia, but I do know that I am overly intrigued by it. I feel like it is Slavador Dali in music or Gabriel Garcia Marquez in song. You listen and you think, "Wait, what in the hell was that?" and then you listen to it again. Its surrealism. The music is poppy and short and fits the often rhyming lyrics very well. With tight beats written over differing electro sounds and guitar, the words can come across as rap but just as easily as lyric. Some of the songs, like the one posted, have more of an alt-country feel. Don't let the sound define the band though, every song is different, and its this randomness that I think defines the band. The meaning is drenched in images rather than in actual dialogue. "Like a pet bird caught in a jet stream" the audience is forced to take the rhyme and create what we want from it. Perhaps the meaning is to leave us disoriented. Whatever it is, the aptly named WHY is worth listening too as much for the sound as for the intrigue.

Francois Virot

Francois Virot is obviously French, he's about 25 years old, I heard about him a couple of months ago, and I can't stop listening to his music. He plays drums in this band called Clara Clara, whom I haven't looked up mainly because I'm still digesting this solo stuff, but I'm sure it's nothing like this. Anyway, he recorded this album called Yes or No while in the other band, and people are eating it up. All he is is acoustic guitar, layered over these excellent, almost wreckless vocals, and handclaps. Obviously by viewing a few of our other posts, this blog likes a good handclap. Added to the playlist is "Cascade Kisses" and "My Head is Blank". I wanted to add this song called "Say Fiesta", but it wasn't available to add so here's the link for it:

Francois Virot - "Say Fiesta"

Hiatus and The Decemberists. No Relation

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are going on a hiatus. They don't plan on touring or making any new records as a band for a while in order to "focus on other projects". Bands always say that. This is probably a good thing for the band after that last record in my opinion. You just knew after that first album that it would be difficult to harness that same fire again cause that record kicked ayiss. Anyway best of luck to them in whatever.

Speaking o' the hiatus or hiatuses. Look up the plural. Rumors are swirling that our boys, Colour Revolt, are going to have to take a little break. Word has it that Jimmy and Patrick have quit. I haven't heard reasons yet except that Jimmy wants to go to grad school and Patrick has a good job at their own record label, Fat Possum. They're playing tonight, Friday Jan. 23rd, at Proud Larry's and I'm definitely not going to miss this because who knows when it will happen again. I'm sure Jesse, Len, and Sean will bounce back with something, but until then, I hope all goes well for these guys.

On a lighter note, indie/folk/literary/geek rocker's, the Decemberists, are set to release a new album on March 24th called Hazards of Love whatever, whatever. The point is, is that they have released a song off that record entitled "The Rake's Song", which if you have xm radio or sirius, you've likely heard. Anyway, I enjoy the song and just wanted to add it to the p-list.

Have a good weekend, and if you're in Oxford, come see Colour Revolt. Opening for them is my buddy RC Furlow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Music for Stream

Bon Iver, Animal Collective, The Bird and the Bee, A.C. Newman, and Antony & the Johnsons all have their new releases available for full stream at AOL's spinner.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

In observance of the inauguration today, here's a pretty cool video of Obama's run in November. The music in the background is from The National - "Mr. November". Regardless of your party affiliation, this video is pretty cool. Seriously, we're not endorsing any sort of party. It's just history.

Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day Note


Dark Was The Night will be released on February 17th, 2009. Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National produced the album, and John Carlin, the founder of the Red Hot Organization was the executive producer. A total of 32 exclusive tracks have been recorded for the compilation. It will be available as a double cd/triple vinyl/download and will benefit the Red Hot Organization - an international charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. Red Hot was founded on the premise that even without a cure, AIDS remains a preventable disease – and music is a great vehicle to raise money and awareness for it. The complete tracklisting for Dark Was The Night:

  1. "Knotty Pine" - Dirty Projectors + David Byrne
  2. "Cello Song" - The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez
  3. "Train Song" - Feist and Ben Gibbard
  4. "Brackett, WI" - Bon Iver
  5. "Deep Blue Sea" - Grizzly Bear
  6. "So Far Around The Bend" - The National
  7. "Tightrope" - Yeasayer
  8. "Feeling Good" - My Brightest Diamond
  9. "Dark Was The Night" - Kronos Quartet
  10. "I Was Young When I Left Home" - Antony with Bryce Dessner
  11. "Big Red Machine" - Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner
  12. "Sleepless" - The Decemberists
  13. "Stolen Houses (Die)" - Iron & Wine
  14. "Service Bell" - Grizzly Bear + Feist
  15. "You Are The Blood" - Sufjan Stevens

  1. "Well-Alright" - Spoon
  2. "Lenin" - Arcade Fire
  3. "Mimizan" - Beirut
  4. "El Caporal" - My Morning Jacket
  5. "Inspiration Information" - Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  6. "With A Girl Like You" - Dave Sitek
  7. "Blood Pt. 2" - Buck 65 Remix (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti)
  8. "Hey, Snow White" - The New Pornographers
  9. "Gentle Hour" - Yo La Tengo
  10. "Amazing Grace" - Cat Power
  11. "Happiness" - Riceboy Sleeps
  12. "Another Saturday" - Stuart Murdoch
  13. "The Giant Of Illinois" - Andrew Bird
  14. "Lua" - Conor Oberst with Gillian Welch
  15. "When The Road Runs Out" - Blonde Redhead & Devastations
  16. "Love Vs. Porn" - Kevin Drew
Also, Broken Social Scene will appear on Letterman tonight. It's a replay from Dec. 17, but who cares...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Chicago, IL art-rock band Anathallo is composed of seven members, but don't think they are at a loss for how to include every member. In fact, the group could probably add five or six more members and still have instruments laying around on stage. Anathallo 's orchestral feel comes from looping xylophones over pianos over hand claps and bells. The percussion section alone must consist of at least twenty different objects, eight of which you could find in your house. It becomes a game to try and decide what instruments are being used at one time. Don't think however that this conglomeration of instrumentation creates any form of distortion in the music. The songs are crisp and poppy with an uplifting feel. Light trickling bells lead into loud pounding drums that are only overshadowed by violins dancing lightly overhead. A chorus of voices echoes the instruments in Polyphonic Spree-esque fashion. It literally is music to get lost in.

Anathallo will be visiting Proud Larry's in Oxford on March 13. They are touring their second full-length album Canopy Glow. The song "Dokkoise House" from their first album Floating World has been added to the playlist.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

1.20 Releases

Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion

A lot of good things have been said about this album, and people already think that it will be one of the top 10 albums of the year. Earlier I posted that this was released on the 6th, but that was actually the vinyl - the CD is out this Tuesday. Adam wrote a short review of this a few posts down and "My Girls" is already on the playlist so check those out if you haven't already.

A.C. Newman: Get Guilty

This is Carl Newman's, the front-man of The New Pornographers, 2nd solo album. I haven't heard much of it yet, but if you're a big fan of NP, it's definitely worth checking out. I've added "There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve" to the playlist.

Bon Iver: Blood Bank (EP)

Sam mentioned this in an earlier post. I've been listening to it on Myspace for a while and I'm liking it more and more. It has a similar tone to Emma, but more instruments and a fuller sound. The title track "Blood Bank" has been added to the playlist.

Andrew Bird: Noble Beast

Adam posted about this earlier. "Oh No" from this album has been on our playlist for a little while. I haven't spent as much time listening to Andrew Bird as I've meant to, but I know he passes the Let Test and that's good enough for

Matt and Kim: Grand

I've heard these guys on the radio a good bit for the past few months, and their single "Daylight" admittedly annoyed me
a bit at first. The only reason I say that is because they have grown on me, and I think its worth checking out. "Daylight" has been added to the playlist.

Antony and the Johnsons: The Crying Light

This will be Antony and the Johnsons' third album since their debut in 1998. I don't really know how to describe this band. To say that Antony Hegarty is a weirdo would be the understatement of the year. His voice is what drives their music. It's an emotive, quivering voice that can be off-putting, but manages to pair well with the band's piano arrangements. He was also a part of one of last years most critically acclaimed bands, Hercules and Love Affair. This band probably isn't for everybody, but is worth checking out. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mark Kozelek Paints in Song

Picture yourself driving down a long road. Wide open landscape all around. Fields swaying to the slowly driving breeze that pushes you forward in your thoughts and sounds. Mark Kozelek takes me here every time I listen to his music. Sun Kil Moon does nothing to dispel my thoughts of Red House Painters, and I think that is the way it is supposed to be. After all, Kozelek is to Sun Kil Moon what he was to RHP, the singer, the writer, the band itself. His influence floods the songs of Sun Kil Moon's recent release April.

Kozelek does with his words and slow repeating guitar riffs what an artist does with his brush. Throwing words onto a canvas, Kozelek puts music to them in a way that creates shapes and images. It's as if the words had no choice but to one day link themselves with the guitar that chose them and vice versa. Without the other, they are useless. Like art, however, too much of the same thing can eventually become mundane. This is Kozelek's flaw. His music fits certain moods to perfection, but eventually you have to set it aside only to return the next time you need escape. Despite this tendency to become restless, Kozelek puts me in places that I otherwise would not have journeyed. A snow draped farm, an opaque ocean view, a lavender field. Intertwining the emotions of life in rich themes of landscape and place, Kozelek comes away with something that few ever accomplish; creating image from sound, music from words, and unique feelings of place where everyone feels close to home.

My Cousin Recommended and Reminded Me

O'Death is a band out of New York, who it seems have created a new genre called, "Folk/Metal". This labeling reminds me of when the Avett Bros. were being called "punkgrass". These guys are a bunch of crazy bastards who say they sound like "...steam train, wet soil, bad dog, dried blood, knock kneed, blackgrass, rickety fence teeth, men with beards." They've been around since 2004 and have 3 albums to their credit. 2007's Head Home, which holds the track "Down to Rest" featured in the playlist, and 2008's Broken Hymns, Limbs, and Skin have been their breakthroughs. Some tour dates close by:
Feb. 7, 2009 - One Eyed Jack's - New Orleans, LA
Feb. 9, 2009 - Bottletree - Birmingham, AL
Feb. 10, 2009 - Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN

Also, I almost forgot about Yeasayer since their "breakout" in 2007 after their SXSW showing. Anyway this band toured with MGMT and had a hell of a song, added to the playlist of course, called "Sunrise". Check it out and look for their new album out Feb. 9.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playlist Update: Best of 2008

Some changes... In order to keep new stuff on the top playlist we just added another list below it with some of the best music from last year. So if you saw the first post here and wonder where the music went, just look right below the top one. There's much more to be added to it, and we'll be doing that periodically. You can actually read the song and artist titles on this one, so maybe we'll be changing the main list soon as well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Merriweather Post Pavilion

We've talked about this album's release, but now it's time to talk about the album itself. Animal Collective released it last week, and I've finally had the chance to sit down and listen to it all the way through. It's definitely one of those "concept" (whatever that means) albums that you have to let sink in for a little bit and then you finally realize what they're getting at. This album is good for a trip in the car by yourself. Pop it in in the car, and you'll likely go into autopilot and not even realize how long you've been driving. It's good for locking yourself in your room and listening to it on your own. It's like going off by yourself to read a book. Definitely not for hanging out with a bunch of people for a group hang listen. It's good for telling your wife, significant other, or roommates to go away. Just tell them, "Hey, it's 54.8 minutes. You can give me that can't you?". It's not an album with songs where you say, "Oh, there's the single."

It's the Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" trance-like qualities raised to the 10th power, which is why the album cover pictured above, is so appropriate. I'm sure the band is tired of the Beach Boys' comparison, but it's really all that pops in my mind and it's not a bad one. Don't listen to it if you don't have the time to get away and let yourself really get caught up in it. I guess if you were to say there was a single, it'd be "My Girls", which has been added to the recommended, big boy playlist. Listen to it on good speakers and turn it up.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wait...the "Stanky Legg"?

I contemplated posting this for a long time before I actually decided to do it. What ultimately made the decision for me was that from 4:00 pm this afternoon to 10:00 tonight, this video got over 2 million hits. Can we say Soulja Boy phenomenon? Ft. Worth, TX proudly presents the newest, grooviest dance tune to hit the streets....and it comes with its own dance. So lace up your shoes and let me see you do the Stanky Legg. (only spelled with two g) Grit Music presents: Them G Spot Boyz with "Do Da Stanky Legg."

The Raconteurs Go Bluegrass

Recently The Raconteurs recorded a new version of their song "Old Enough" from their latest album, Consolers of the Lonely. Country singer Ashley Monroe and Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs accompany the band and it's pretty awesome. The song is available at most online music stores. You can watch the video here:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Support Your Local Musicians

These past few years Mississippi has become a hot bed for talent that can't really be explained. The musicians coming out of our great state are unquestionably one of the biggest surprises that I could've imagined. Let me preface this by saying that the talent here is unreal, and that it is certainly a great place to be for up and coming music in the ever growing quagmire that is the music industry today.

Colour Revolt's members first played together while they were high school students at Jackson Academy in Jackson, MS under the name Foxxe, then changing to Fletcher and releasing a full length entitled "Friends Don't Speak". They then moved on to become college students at Ole Miss in Oxford, MS. They take their current name from Edwin Abbott's mathematical novel, Flatland. The group had intended to record their first EP in Mississippi in August of 2005, but Hurricane Katrina interrupted the recording session, and so they recorded it in the house of local label Esperenza Plantation's owner. The self-titled EP came out in December of 2005. They then signed with Fat Possum Records; their full-length debut, produced by Clay Jones, was released on April 1, 2008. In 2008, Boston newspaper The Phoenix named them the Best New Band from Mississippi.

We've already talked about this next artist on the blog before, but he must be mentioned again with his impending success in the next few months. Dent May is a local favorite from Jackson, MS. He attended NYU Film School, and found his home in the music of Serge Gainsbourg and Lee Hazlewood. He returned to Mississippi soon after NYU to join the southern studies program at the University of Mississippi. May was also a member of a Mississippi power pop group called the Rockwells. As a quirky, self-styled pop showman, May fronts a four-man indie pop ensemble called Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, in which he sings and plays the eponymous stringed instrument. The group is signed to Paw Tracks.

John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death is a local Oxford guy recently signed by Fat Possum Records. He just released a 7" vinyl record and is a staple in the local Oxford music scene. He is a one man show with only his guitar and kick drum that combines lo-fi, blues riffs and keeping time with the single bass drum. True to Mississippi, his music is the essence of the blues with an added harder edge, and the simplicity of the beats only adds to the appeal . He'll soon be featured on the SXSW lineup in Austin, TX. Not to be missed. Check this kid out.

Sanders Bohlke is a friend to many of us. His soulful songwriting has been familiar to a lot of us for going on 5 years now. This guy's conviction in his lyrics and voice is unmatched. I really don't know a person who puts so much of himself into his music and his vocals as this guy. One of my favortie acts in Oxford and my favorite people in general is sure to make his break soon. Rumors that he will soon sign a deal with a major label have been floating around for months. He's an amazing singer/songwriter and even greater person. His music has been featured on 2 televisons shows, "Army Wives" and "State of Mind". Keep an eye on this guy.

Owen Beverly aka Owen Evans. "I'm a hypocrite, that's the whole deal. I guess sometimes you wake up and decide your gonna follow up your semi successful prog rock EP with a country folk record." - Owen Beverly on July 4th, 2008. Veering from the hard rock of his 2003 debut The Drunk Lover EP, his new album Shooting the Bull is a country folk CD that showcases Owen Beverly's versatile songwriting and arranging talents. Owen Beverly was playing guitar professionally for a Mississippi Blues band while he was still in high school. He came to Charleston, South Carolina, on a music scholarship and got his degree in classical compostion and theory in three years -- all the while writing music and playing in local clubs. The critically acclaimed Shooting the Bull is available online now. Limited copies of the debut EP, Drunk Lover -- whose title song was picked up by HBO's Entourage can be purchased at shows.

Thanks to Wikipedia and the musician's Myspace pages for most of the featured artist's bio info. Some songs were unavailable so check the playlist and youtubes.


For some hard beats mish-mashed with some of the most famous voices out there, look no further than DJ duo N.A.S.A. The acronym stands for North America/South America, but the sound is undoubtedly space-oriented. Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon have a contact list that reaches the moon, and they mix the voices with a hard celestial blend of beats and melodies. They just released a new song named "WHACHADOIN" featuring M.I.A., Santogold, Spank Rock, and Nick Zinner. Almost all of their songs share a similarly long list of stars. Click the link and check it out. Thanks to Stereogum for the insight.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1.13 Releases

Late of the Pier: Fantasy Black Channel (US)

It's slim pickins this week, but next week is pretty stacked. Late of the Pier is worth checking out though. "Heartbeat" has been added to the playlist.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lists! Lists! Lists!

Although a few days late, this is the time of year when everyone comes out with their lists of the past year and of what the future holds. With all the lists being published on the blog-o-sphere it is hard to know where to turn to get your fill. Let me recommend Hype Machine's list of the top 50 albums of 2008. The beauty of this list is that it offers every album on the list in full stream so you can listen to it while you read through the numerous articles that they have linked to the artist. Also, if you prefer more of an overview, they have great 30 minute radio segments that discuss the top albums 10 at a time. Whatever you prefer in your list, I think that Hype Machine will fulfill your expectations. Enjoy the music!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bon Iver new EP Blood Bank available for stream

Bon Iver is building off their recent hit "For Emma, Forever Ago," but don't look for the same feel in their upcoming 4 song EP "Blood Bank." Jagjaguwar records, who put out Emma and will release "Blood Bank" on January 20 claims, "As much as Emma is about the cold, the Blood Bank collection is about the warmth that gets you through it. You can feel the air move. Like a fire you've been stoking for hours and finally got to sustain itself, the heat blisters your face while your back is frozen solid." So essentially "Blood" builds off the loss that "Emma" left us feeling. With the same great sound, but a new outlook on the world, I for one am thankful that Bon Iver was so quick in getting me out of the cold. Listen to the new EP at Bon Iver's myspace page. Was the final song "Woods" produced by Kanye? I will let you decide....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is set to release his latest album by way of Fat Possum Records on January 20th entitled Noble Beast. Andrew Bird is a Chicago based instrumentalist/lyricist that is known for looping multiple lines of whistling and picking on his violin. Noble Beast is his 11th release following the acclaimed Armchair Apocrypha in 2007. He also will be in Oxford, MS at the Lyric Theatre on March 23rd. Added to the playlist is Track 1 off the forthcoming album, which is called "Oh No".

Playlist Update: The Dodos and Megafaun

Not at all a new band, The Dodos released their first full-length album, Visiter (that's how it's spelled) in March. I made fun of the first person who recommended them to me, but they're actually really good and I've added a song from Visiter to the playlist: Walking

When DeYarmond Edison broke up in 2006, both halves of the band were given record deal offers almost a year later on the same day. One of those bands which we all know and love is Bon Iver, and the other is Megafaun. I added a song from their album Bury the Square: Lazy Suicide.

The Visual Art of Rap 2008

Like rap music sometimes?  Prefer to watch the cinematic phenomenon that undoubtedly accompanies all great rap tunes.  For a list of the top ten rap videos of 2008, head over to boombox and get your fill of all the car bouncin, rim spinnin, body shakin, money rainin that was hip/hop music videos in 2008.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dent May and Apple News Bits

Jackson/Oxford, Mississippi's own, Dent May, is set to release The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele on Feb. 3rd via Paw Tracks. Following that release, he's set to tour with the New Pornographers', A.C. Newman, starting on Feb. 20th. To see the rest of the tour dates click on his name to go to his Myspace page. "Meet Me in the Garden" has been added to the playlist.

Apple announced yesterday at the Macworld Expo that it is dropping the copy protection placed on songs in the iTunes music inventory.
The copying restrictions, which confined downloaded music only to iPod music players and limited transferring tunes from one computer to another, will be completely lifted by the end of March, according to Philip W. Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing.

In addition, iTunes will also offer songs at variable prices, a change from the previously fixed cost of 99 cents per song. Tunes will now be available for prices ranging between 69 cents and $1.29, with pricing based on the demand for the songs.

These changes came after a deal was reached between Apple and the Universal Music Group, Sony BMG and the Warner Music Group. Per Paste Magazine.

Ratatat Remixes for Free

For some great remixes to some well known rap songs go here and download the free Ratatat remixes volume II. These guys have a way with the beats. For a little taste, check out their remix of Jay-Z over in the media player.

This Week's Notable Releases

Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion
Glasvegas: Glasvegas (US Release)

I don't know too much about either band, but below is a sample from each album: My Girls by Animal Collective and Geraldine by Glasvegas.

Free Music Video

The free music video of the week on Itunes is "Id Engager" by Athens, GA's eclectic Of Montreal. This song comes off their new album Skeletal Lamping which just came out on Polyvinyl records. A pretty good pick up for a free music video. Lead singer Kevin Barnes always entertains. Search "Kevin Barnes Shaving Cream" on youtube to get a good feel for this guy.


Holy crap...This guy out of New York, MintyFreshBeats, has created a mashup where Jay-Z flows over Radiohead music. It's pretty disgusting as well is the name it's being called, which is Jaydiohead. You can listen to the whole album and download it fa free. Check it out at

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Favorite Cover

This is Bon Iver doing Your Love by Outfield. If you don't recognize that then you will when you watch it. Here are some more interesting covers:

Breakout in '09 Prediction - Passion Pit

I love these guys. They got a deal with Frenchkiss very quickly for a 6-song EP, Chunk of Change, that was released in September, and recently signed with Columbia UK. Look for the full-length later this year. I've put two songs from Chunk of Change on the playlist: Better Things and Sleepyhead.

Justice gives you reasons not to drink

"We Are Your Friends" by Justice not only is a great electro tune, but it also offers great examples for how to teach your friends to quit drinking.

Some of my present favs...

Here are some songs that are frequented on my iPod right now.

The Walkmen - Four Provinces

Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened

Forest Fire - Slow Motion

Hologram - Ghosties

Jens Lekman - Your Arms Around Me (clearly one of Dent May's influences)

of course the Lykke Li track

Adam Stafford - With Handclaps

Deer Tick

With all the "Deer" bands making a splash as of late, see Deerhunter, Deerhoof, The Dears, etc., Deer Tick is a band all too likely to get lost in the mix. While different undoubtedly from the aforementioned bands, Deer Tick has a way of taking the old country form of sad story telling and mixing it with a little folk to create a pleasant sound. Lead singerJohn McCauley lends a unique voice to the scenario as well. Check out the song "Ashamed" on the playlist at the top of the blog and enjoy the "cosmic experience" for which the band describes themselves here.

Lykke Li

Lykke Li is the Swedish singer and she's 3-4 years younger than we are. I was cruising SaidtheGramophone and her song Dance Dance Dance was #2 on their top songs of 2008 list and I must say that I think it's pretty freakin' awesome. She's pretty cute too.

Listen to the song Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance.

Peep new Animal Collective

Animal Collective has posted a new song "My Girls" off their new album Merriweather Post Pavilion on their myspace page. Also, I think they recorded a few of the songs off of this album in Oxford. Not sure the entire story, but I know they spent some significant time there. Enjoy the song.

Some new stuff

Animal Collective came out with their new album today entitled "Merriweather Post Pavilion". Haven't heard much of it yet, but it got a 9.6 on Pitchfork and a 91 on Paste for what it's worth.

Also Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre dropped a new track called "Crack A Bottle".