Sunday, January 18, 2009


Chicago, IL art-rock band Anathallo is composed of seven members, but don't think they are at a loss for how to include every member. In fact, the group could probably add five or six more members and still have instruments laying around on stage. Anathallo 's orchestral feel comes from looping xylophones over pianos over hand claps and bells. The percussion section alone must consist of at least twenty different objects, eight of which you could find in your house. It becomes a game to try and decide what instruments are being used at one time. Don't think however that this conglomeration of instrumentation creates any form of distortion in the music. The songs are crisp and poppy with an uplifting feel. Light trickling bells lead into loud pounding drums that are only overshadowed by violins dancing lightly overhead. A chorus of voices echoes the instruments in Polyphonic Spree-esque fashion. It literally is music to get lost in.

Anathallo will be visiting Proud Larry's in Oxford on March 13. They are touring their second full-length album Canopy Glow. The song "Dokkoise House" from their first album Floating World has been added to the playlist.

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