Friday, January 23, 2009

Surrealism in Music

In my slow moving excursion through the top 50 albums of 2008, I came across something that left me wide-eyed, slightly aghast, undecided, and ultimately I continued to listen. What do you do when you attempt to pour your demons out of a sock but out comes a gold watch? I can't say that I know exactly what to do, nor can I say that I am star struck with WHY's album Alopecia, but I do know that I am overly intrigued by it. I feel like it is Slavador Dali in music or Gabriel Garcia Marquez in song. You listen and you think, "Wait, what in the hell was that?" and then you listen to it again. Its surrealism. The music is poppy and short and fits the often rhyming lyrics very well. With tight beats written over differing electro sounds and guitar, the words can come across as rap but just as easily as lyric. Some of the songs, like the one posted, have more of an alt-country feel. Don't let the sound define the band though, every song is different, and its this randomness that I think defines the band. The meaning is drenched in images rather than in actual dialogue. "Like a pet bird caught in a jet stream" the audience is forced to take the rhyme and create what we want from it. Perhaps the meaning is to leave us disoriented. Whatever it is, the aptly named WHY is worth listening too as much for the sound as for the intrigue.

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