Thursday, January 8, 2009

Playlist Update: The Dodos and Megafaun

Not at all a new band, The Dodos released their first full-length album, Visiter (that's how it's spelled) in March. I made fun of the first person who recommended them to me, but they're actually really good and I've added a song from Visiter to the playlist: Walking

When DeYarmond Edison broke up in 2006, both halves of the band were given record deal offers almost a year later on the same day. One of those bands which we all know and love is Bon Iver, and the other is Megafaun. I added a song from their album Bury the Square: Lazy Suicide.


Trey said...

"Have you guys tried the new sushi place in town? It's to die for."

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adc said...

hahaha. That picture is hilarious.

bt said...

hahaha. this is why i proposed a private blog