Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wait...the "Stanky Legg"?

I contemplated posting this for a long time before I actually decided to do it. What ultimately made the decision for me was that from 4:00 pm this afternoon to 10:00 tonight, this video got over 2 million hits. Can we say Soulja Boy phenomenon? Ft. Worth, TX proudly presents the newest, grooviest dance tune to hit the streets....and it comes with its own dance. So lace up your shoes and let me see you do the Stanky Legg. (only spelled with two g) Grit Music presents: Them G Spot Boyz with "Do Da Stanky Legg."

1 comment:

Hunter said...

Are y'all takin' bets on how long before the AP wire reports the first 'Stanky Legg Car Surfer Dies Tragically on Highway' headline?