Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Merriweather Post Pavilion

We've talked about this album's release, but now it's time to talk about the album itself. Animal Collective released it last week, and I've finally had the chance to sit down and listen to it all the way through. It's definitely one of those "concept" (whatever that means) albums that you have to let sink in for a little bit and then you finally realize what they're getting at. This album is good for a trip in the car by yourself. Pop it in in the car, and you'll likely go into autopilot and not even realize how long you've been driving. It's good for locking yourself in your room and listening to it on your own. It's like going off by yourself to read a book. Definitely not for hanging out with a bunch of people for a group hang listen. It's good for telling your wife, significant other, or roommates to go away. Just tell them, "Hey, it's 54.8 minutes. You can give me that can't you?". It's not an album with songs where you say, "Oh, there's the single."

It's the Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" trance-like qualities raised to the 10th power, which is why the album cover pictured above, is so appropriate. I'm sure the band is tired of the Beach Boys' comparison, but it's really all that pops in my mind and it's not a bad one. Don't listen to it if you don't have the time to get away and let yourself really get caught up in it. I guess if you were to say there was a single, it'd be "My Girls", which has been added to the recommended, big boy playlist. Listen to it on good speakers and turn it up.
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Hunter said...

I agree wholeheartedly that Panda Bear et al. wanted us to "get lost" in this album and listen the whole way through. I did so back-to-back and was sold on the album's supremacy halfway through the second listen. However, I believe this album has a "Dimension X" so to speak, which can only be entered whilst both listening to the album and reading the lyrics. This is mainly due to the space odyssey sounds throughout the album that can, at times, distract the listener. Subsequently, it's easy to be completely lost in the collective sound (no pun intended). As usual, is on the ball and has already posted the lyrics to the entire record on their site. Check it out and meet Krang.