Friday, January 23, 2009

Hiatus and The Decemberists. No Relation

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are going on a hiatus. They don't plan on touring or making any new records as a band for a while in order to "focus on other projects". Bands always say that. This is probably a good thing for the band after that last record in my opinion. You just knew after that first album that it would be difficult to harness that same fire again cause that record kicked ayiss. Anyway best of luck to them in whatever.

Speaking o' the hiatus or hiatuses. Look up the plural. Rumors are swirling that our boys, Colour Revolt, are going to have to take a little break. Word has it that Jimmy and Patrick have quit. I haven't heard reasons yet except that Jimmy wants to go to grad school and Patrick has a good job at their own record label, Fat Possum. They're playing tonight, Friday Jan. 23rd, at Proud Larry's and I'm definitely not going to miss this because who knows when it will happen again. I'm sure Jesse, Len, and Sean will bounce back with something, but until then, I hope all goes well for these guys.

On a lighter note, indie/folk/literary/geek rocker's, the Decemberists, are set to release a new album on March 24th called Hazards of Love whatever, whatever. The point is, is that they have released a song off that record entitled "The Rake's Song", which if you have xm radio or sirius, you've likely heard. Anyway, I enjoy the song and just wanted to add it to the p-list.

Have a good weekend, and if you're in Oxford, come see Colour Revolt. Opening for them is my buddy RC Furlow.

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