Friday, January 23, 2009

Francois Virot

Francois Virot is obviously French, he's about 25 years old, I heard about him a couple of months ago, and I can't stop listening to his music. He plays drums in this band called Clara Clara, whom I haven't looked up mainly because I'm still digesting this solo stuff, but I'm sure it's nothing like this. Anyway, he recorded this album called Yes or No while in the other band, and people are eating it up. All he is is acoustic guitar, layered over these excellent, almost wreckless vocals, and handclaps. Obviously by viewing a few of our other posts, this blog likes a good handclap. Added to the playlist is "Cascade Kisses" and "My Head is Blank". I wanted to add this song called "Say Fiesta", but it wasn't available to add so here's the link for it:

Francois Virot - "Say Fiesta"

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