Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1.27 Releases

Bruce Springsteen: Working On a Dream

This man needs no introduction. This is the Boss's I-don't-know-whatth album. I haven't listened to it, but if you like the Boss, you should check it out. You might score some intelligent and reliable political analysis as well.

Franz Ferdinand: Tonight, Franz Ferdinand

This the Scottish rock band's third album since "Take Me Out" invaded the radio. Whether that was a good or bad thing for you, I don't know. If you're looking for a sample, check out their first single from this album, "Ulysses."

Of Montreal: An Eluardian Instance EP

I don't understand the whole EP thing, but we've got another one here. This is coming off of their successful full-length album, Skeletal Lamping, that was released last year. The title track, "An Eluardian Instance," is pretty catchy, and it's been added to the playlist.


Hunter Carpenter said...

"intelligent and reliable political analysis"?! - When is America going to leave political analysis up to people that actually know something about how our government is run? I'd be surprised if the Boss knew how many people were in the U.S. Congress.

bt said...

haha the sarcasm was very thick there