Thursday, February 26, 2009

Double Decker announces headliner

Double Decker Arts Festival in Oxford, MS has announced that Robert Randolph & the Family Band will headline the April 25 festival. I think this is a great pick-up for the oxford festivals headlining act. A great musician with a very southern sound. It is something that everyone will be very excited about. I cannot comment on the other bands that will be playing since I have not seen the official schedule, but if you want more information you can visit the Double Decker website.

In other news, I will be attending South by Southwest this March and hopefully keeping everyone up to date on whats happening in Austin, TX. Is anyone else going to be there?


Hunter said...

What was up with the Irish playlist yesterday?

jgblackb said...

Shut up beefie!! I'll kill you for no reason!!!

Sam said...

That's crazy that Robert Randolph is headlining a music festival in Mississippi. Is this the first time this has happened?