Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ye Olde Playlist Update

White Denim

These guys got together out of the fusion of two bands: Parque Touch and Peach Train (oh them?) in 2006. When one member left the next year, the band took on the name White Denim and released two EPs in '07. Their first full-length album, Exposion, came out
 last October. Anyway, these guys have been growing on me a lot and I put their songs "Sitting" and "Let's Talk About It" on the list.

School of Seven Bells

Benjamin Curtis of the Secret Machines met the twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza when they were touring with Interpol in 2007. Shortly thereafter, they decided to drop their previous commitments and form School of Seven Bells. Supposedly, they start all of their writing with lyrics first and then adding music as mere "accompaniment." The music is lead by the girls' voices and guitar riffs with some cool electro sounds. Their first album, Alpinisms, was released last October. I added their song "Connjur" to the list.

The Golden Filter

Still not much is known about this new disco pop group. Early this year, blogs starting going nuts about this band and hyped them up pretty good. They managed to keep their identities a secret until their first show earlier this month. I still can't find out who they are, but I hear them all the time on the radio. It is what it is: very scene electro. Check out "Solid Gold" on the list. If you think you might like them at all, check out the song "Hide Me" on MySpace or something, I like it better than Solid Gold but can't find it anywhere.

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jgblackb said...

yeah, good job guys. i', liking this golden filter stuff. thanks.