Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Jerusalem

The top of their MySpace page explains the meaning of their name: "They wandered in their 40 years, collectively at least, through bands and projects that dried up to desert. Milk and honey, stale beer, and cigarettes, it didn't matter - they found their Jerusalem when they found each other." My Jerusalem uses this biblical reference from Exodus to tell everyone that they have found their "niche."

The band consists of five members (or six), all having been a part of other bands in the past. Jeff Klein, an accomplished singer-songwriter, put the band together as he has played with all the other members in the past during his solo career. With all of its members, My Jerusalem is a descendant of the Afghan Whigs, Gutter Twins, Twilight Singers, Great Northern, and Polyphonic Spree. Don't let any of those associated bands shape your expectations for better or for worse - My Jerusalem is a fresh start. Reminding me a lot of Arcade Fire at first, My Jerusalem utilizes Klein's powerful vocals, strings, and horns along with their rock sound - seemingly weaving the best of all their previous projects into one.

Their first release is a 5-song EP called Without Feathers that is coming March 10, and I believe they are working on a full length album to be released this summer. I'm pretty excited about these guys. I've posted a song from the EP, "Sweet Chariot," below. Check it out.


adc said...

This song is great.

shl said...

chills when he starts getting all modest mouse