Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fat Possum's WAVVES scores big on P4K

Noise-pop solo act Wavves has made a big splash (no pun intended) lately with his recent self-titled release Wavves out on Mississippi's Fat Possum Label. Mixing old punk rock sound with pop riffs and 'ooooohhh and ahhhhhh' backing vocals, San Diego's Nathan Williams has created something that critics are excited about. An 8.1 on P4k with a move to the websites 'Best New Music' section is the fastest way to move products off the shelf in the digital-age indie markets. Great job Fat Possum for recognizing it! The music is rough to say the least and will certainly take some listening to get beneath, but if you like the garage sound then this is the new best thing. Sure to be one of the crowd pleasers at this years South by Southwest conference in Austin, Wavves is making moves in the right direction.

Wavves - "So Bored"
Wavves - "No Hope Kid"

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John said...

the CD is now for sale at square books