Thursday, April 8, 2010

Colleen Green

When I went to SXSW w/ Dead Gaze, they played this show at a place called the House of Commons in Austin, which is this pretty radical hippie commune.  Opening the show and surprising us all was a sweet girl, Colleen Green, with just her guitar and a beat machine.  She writes some pretty great pop gems, and has a 6 song EP called 4 Loko 2 Kayla, and you can snag it for free here.  Head over to her myspace and sample some of the tunes.  I highly recommend "Green One", "Dance the Night Away", "Y Do U Call Me", and "I'm Leaving it up to you".  Check it out.  She rules.


Colleen Green said...

Hey! Did I meet you? Maybe?
That show was hella funnnn!
Glad you liked it. You should really hear "Milo Goes to Compton"'s way better than the EP!

ADC said...

Yeah, we met briefly on the couches on the porch. I was the dude lugging dead gaze's stuff around. Love your stuff. Come to MS.