Sunday, April 5, 2009

Musical Stress Release

When you are up to your neck in neuro-anatomy there is really only one thing that crosses your mind while studying. What song can I turn on that will best alleviate the built up stress and energy inside my body? Another words, what song is most likely to leave me bleeding with a hurt knee, my desk chair upside down, my clothes dispersed, and my lungs gasping for air? Several options come to mind but perhaps the angriest song I have ever heard is "After the Eulogy" by BoysetsFire. The band is no longer together, but they certainly left their mark in my angriest playlist of all time. What is the angriest song you have heard or what song do you turn to when you just need to jump around? I am always in search of new ones...

You can listen to the song here. Be sure to click "After the Eulogy" and beware of language.

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