Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christian Beshore

I recently listed Christian Beshore's song "Operator" in my April playlist, but the guy deserves more than just a small plug. Beshore, who is from Pennsylvania, has created some of the best blues sounds that I have heard in a while. The garage sound of Beshore's blues has a twofold meaning. First, the instruments are created in his garage. The majority of his music is performed on three string cigar box guitars that look like they have been created from the scrap wood pile of a carpenters shop. The raw guitar riffs are backed by a kick drum and a hi-hat 'with some junk bolted to it.' The aesthetics of this project are a garage creation. Second, the recordings are done in the garage giving them that distorted rough sound that only a flat slab of concrete can generate. It definitely gives the blues a more bluesy, delta porch feel. It is lo-fi without trying to be.

Even the songs themselves, with names like "Weary Bones" and "Blind Man Blues" evoke images of the delta. How Beshore captured this all to MS familiarity in Pennsylvania is unknown to me, but I will take it. To get a broad taste of Beshore's music visit his myspace page Also you can browse some photos there of his homemade guitars. Below are a few streams "Sad Sack (demo)" and "Operator" for your listening pleasure.

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