Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fondren Arts, Eats, & Beats

Sanders Bohlke showcased some of his new material Thursday Night at the Fondren Arts, Eats, and Beats artMIX. His new album is going to be great. We all know "Search & Destroy" and "Weight of Us," but look for the song "Somewhere" to be big.

Also, Jackson native Owen Beverly brought his band Tent Revival all the way from Charleston, S.C. to give the Jackson scene a taste of his new sound. This is a band everyone needs to check out. The songs have a definite Owen feel to them, but the band, including a cellist, creates a unique backdrop for his voice and lyric. A much grander sound adds a lot to Beverly's already superb songwriting. The bands E.P. can be heard at the above link, I recommend the song "In My Prime."

Video of Sanders Bohlke "The Weight of Us." Forgive the conversation midway through.

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Adam Brett Sam said...

Thanks to Michael Bowling for one of the above Sanders photos!