Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan (Smog) just released his second album under his given name on April 14th. The album is entitled Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle. Callahan is an American singer-songwriter and began his career working in the lo-fi genre of underground rock, with home-made tape-albums recorded on four track tape recorders. Later he began releasing albums with the label Drag City, to which he remains signed today. His previous works are known for their more simple arrangements and melodies, but it seems on this album that he has added more variation into the arrangements.

"Eid Ma Clack Shaw" has been added to the playlist. This song is about dreaming the perfect song, writitng it down in the middle of the night, and waking to realize that all you've written down was nonsense.

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Hunter said...

If you like this, check out his album Knock Knock (1999)