Monday, July 6, 2009


When it comes to the Finnish indie-rock scene, there is really only one band that you need to look for. Rubik, whose US debut Dada Bandits is due out September 15, has been a mainstay on the European music scene with their debut album Bad Conscience Patrol. While sharing territory with the likes of Faith No More, Pmmp, and Tapio Rautavarra leaves Rubik a bit out of place, they are proud to find their art-rock actually has owned a little real-estate in the oversaturated market of mayhem that has come to define the metal heavy Finnish charts. Dada Bandits has a true art sound with numerous instruments making appearances and Artturi Tairi's vocals floating over with a persistent edge. I am looking for this band to make a serious splash in upcoming months with a sound that is really hard to dislike or disregard. Their US based publicity company has been kind enough to give Grit Music an mp3 stream off of their new album, enjoy it below and look for the album out this fall.

Rubik - "Wasteland"

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