Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to the Way It Should Be

Jay Z is not the only one fed up with the way hip-hop music seems to be heading. D.C. rapper WALE (pronounced WAL-AE) has released his 2009 mixtape Back to the Feature which appropriately takes rap music back to the where the future of hip-hop is. It's an aptly named album seeing as WALE is one of the highly touted MC's in the "freshman class" of hip-hop, a group that seems to be "trying to preserve hip-hop" to put it in WALE's own words. As far as I am concerned WALE is the next best thing in the hip-hop world. He has an unbelievable taste for lyric as well as a pretty firm understanding of how music is functioning in this new digital age. Need evidence of this? Feel free at anytime during this post to go HERE and download Back to the Feature for free. You can find last years mixtape The Mixtape about Nothin for free as well. Don't let his confidence, "I remain a giant and you Jeremy Shockey," turn you off. The man has a work ethic to back up his lyrical abrasiveness. You can find his newest hit posted on the playlist, but I strongly recommend heading over to his myspace page and picking up what he has to offer.

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