Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lands & Peoples

Lands & Peoples is a great 3-piece band that hails from Baltimore, Maryland with some roots in our very own Oxford, MS being that two of their members, Caleb Moore and Beau Cole, once called Oxford home. We're always pleased and eager to help out our talented local folk. To take from some of the silly musical hipster crazed jargon, their songs are very atmospheric and include excellent layering in their harmonies. As ambiguous and vague as that sounds, it's the truth. The vocals on most of the tracks are amazingly haunting with reverb laced howls that sound as though they come from somewhere off in the distance. The songs saunter around on their merry way with hazy electronic drum beats making way for unhurried and precise guitars. In 2008, they released The Ampersand EP and are currently playing local shows while working on more tracks. Keep an eye on this band and expect greatness. Posted below are two tracks, "Awake" and "Isabella".

Lands & Peoples - "Awake"
Lands & Peoples - "Isabella"

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shl said...

"Isabella" is real solid.