Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cats Meow: Summer Series I

Our pal Sam M. Lane has mastered the art of truly creating mixes and finally defining what one is. A playlist is often referred to as one of these, but it's not until the songs flow together seamlessly that one would say that you have a proper mix on your hands. Cats Meow is the over-arching name of what he's doing. The name comes from 'Cats Purring', which is the label created by Dent May. Cats Meow is a collection of mixes that offer a vague idea of the tunes(meows) that we might enjoy for the upcoming Summer season. It is in no way all-inclusive, and for sure, not a 'best of' list. Nor is it a list of 'favorites.' Rather each arrangement is a collection of songs that one guy, Sam-o, thinks fit well together. He don't claim to be a "DJ." As of Cats Meow: Summer Series I, there aren't any Cats Purring artists in the first mix, and being that the mix was created by one guy, it's not a true collective effort. But it gets an idea across. The collections are just records that Sam-o might put on for a group trying to enjoy themselves, each other, and the time. Cats Meow is not an artistic endeavor. It is only arrangements of music meant to work, relax, walk, run, love and hate to. Idling is cool too, but not ambivalence. This began with a Summer Series. The subtitle and sensibility will vary with the season, for instance, in Winter they'll be called Ice Block I, Ice Block II, etc., but as a whole, they are Cats Meow.

Sam-o thanks Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, tUnE-yArDs, Liars, The Zombies, Macha, Margo Guryan, Antena, and Animal Collective for their music. Also, he thinks that no one should consider this stealing.

Download Sam-o's first mix of the Cats Meow series for free - Cats Meow: Summer Series I.

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