Friday, October 2, 2009

Let the argument begin...

Paste says 9.6; Pitchfork says 5.8; Spin says 7; Rolling Stone says 7 as well. Where do you stand on The Avett Brother's newest release I and Love and You. Proper timing for a poppier upgrade or loss of the intrinsic rough roots? This album looks like its going to be a hit this fall, but it may be a hit with your receptionist who places the album right next to her Lady GaGa album. Sell-out or simply sold? What do you think?

Live pic of the Brother's Avett at ACL about an hour ago. Thanks to Harris for the up to the minute photos. Seem to have a big crowd.

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Hunter said...


Let's right. Pitchfork is always gonna downgrade successful underground bands that break into the mainstream. (See: KoL)

This is a great album even if it does start trailing towards the end.