Friday, March 26, 2010

In The Dark

The Whigs released their third full length album, In The Dark, last week. It marks the first record with all three current members in the studio together, and the product is not what you might expect from the Athens trio. With haunting similarities to their tour mate’s, Kings of Leon, latest record, In the Dark seems to have progressed The Whigs away from their raw rock sound to more produced-sounding tracks. Frontman Parker Gispert’s trademark raspy vocals are less present and the songs lack that airy, simple feeling of their two previous records. It will be interesting to hear the album live, as I am sure their energy and passion will provide a missing quality that the studio could not encompass. Catch them in our area soon:
Nashville: 4/7
Athens: 4/8
Birmingham: 4/10
See the play list for the one track I have been able to enjoy multiple times, “I Don’t Even Care About the One I Love”.

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