Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Repeat

KENNA - New Sacred Cow

This 2003 release was one heck of a gateway drug for electronica music in my life. I worked out to it, I listened to it in my car, I did homework to it, etc. Anyone at Alpine in the summer of 2004 should remember this CD which was a shower period staple for 60+ consecutive days. Kenna is the brainchild of Kenna Zemudken, an Ethiopian-born American who was raised on U2's The Joshua Tree. New Sacred Cow mixes Zemudken's vocals with poppy electro-synth to create an energetic album that sticks in your head. If you have never heard of this artist or this album, now is the time to do so. Don't let the summer pass before you lay by the pool with a copy of this album playing in the background. Sadly, since I am in Peru right now, I am not able to embed his music videos due to copyright restrictions in this country, but you can check out videos for "Hell Bent" and "Freetime" to get a good taste of his music or just check out "Freetime" on the playlist. Enjoy!